Division B
Acceptable Solutions

Part 9 — Housing and Small Buildings

Section 9.31. Plumbing Facilities

9.31.1. Scope Application
1) Intent StatementThis Section applies to the plumbing facilities and plumbing systems within dwelling units.
2) In occupancies other than dwelling units, plumbing facilities, grab bars, floor drains, and floor and wall finishes around urinals shall conform to Subsection 3.7.2. (See also Article regarding accessible plumbing facilities.)


3) Intent StatementMedical gas piping systems shall conform to Subsection 3.7.3.
4) change beginSystems used for service water heating shall conform to the energy efficiency requirements in Section 9.36.change end

9.31.2. General General
1) Intent StatementThe construction, extension, alteration, renewal or repair of plumbing systems and sewage disposal systems shall conform to Part 7. Corrosion Protection
1) Intent StatementMetal pipes in contact with cinders or other corrosive material shall be protected by a heavy coating of bitumen or other corrosion protection. Grab Bars
1) Intent StatementWhen provided, grab bars shall be capable of resisting a load of not less than 1.3 kN applied vertically or horizontally.

9.31.3. Water Supply and Distribution Required Water Supply
1) Intent StatementEvery dwelling unit shall be supplied with potable water. Required Connections
1) Intent StatementWhere a piped water supply is available, piping for hot and cold water shall be connected to every kitchen sink, lavatory, bathtub, shower, slop sink and laundry area.
2) Intent StatementPiping for cold water shall be run to every water closet.

9.31.4. Required Facilities Required Fixtures
1) Intent StatementA kitchen sink, lavatory, bathtub or shower, and water closet shall be provided for every dwelling unit where a piped water supply is available. Hot Water Supply
1) Intent StatementWhere a piped water supply is available a hot water supply shall be provided in every dwelling unit. Floor Drains
1) Intent StatementWhere gravity drainage to a sewer, drainage ditch or dry well is possible, a floor drain shall be installed in a basement forming part of a dwelling unit.
2) Intent StatementA floor drain shall be provided in a garbage room, incinerator room or boiler room serving more than one dwelling unit.

9.31.5. Sewage Disposal Building Sewer
1) Intent StatementWastes from every plumbing fixture shall be piped to the building sewer. Discharge of Sewage
1) Intent StatementBuilding sewers shall discharge into a public sewage system where such system is available.
2) Intent StatementWhere a public sewage system is not available, the building sewer shall discharge into a private sewage disposal system.

9.31.6. Service Water Heating Facilities Hot Water Supply
1) Where hot water is required to be supplied in accordance with Article, equipment shall
a) change beginprovide an adequate supply of hot water, and
b) be installed in conformance with Part 7.change end

contentHistory Equipment and Installation
1) Service water heaters shall conform to appropriate provincial or territorial requirements or, in the absence of such requirements, to Book II (Plumbing Systems) of this Code.


2) The installation of service water heaters, including provisions for mounting, clearances and air supply, shall conform to the requirements of
a) change beginCSA B139, “Installation Code for Oil-Burning Equipment,”change end
b) change beginthe Safety Standards Act and the following of its regulations:
i) the Gas Safety Regulation for the installation of natural gas- and propane- burning service water heaters,
ii) the Electrical Safety Regulation,
iii) the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation, andchange end


3) Intent StatementWhere the building is in a location where the spectral response acceleration, Sa(0.2), is greater than 0.55, service water heaters shall be secured to the structure to prevent overturning. (See Appendix A.) Corrosion-Resistant Coating
1) Intent StatementWhere storage tanks for service water heaters are of steel, they shall be coated with zinc, vitreous enamel (glass lined), hydraulic cement or other corrosion-resistant material. Fuel-Burning Heaters
1) Intent StatementFuel-burning service water heaters shall be connected to a chimney flue conforming to Section 9.21. Heating Coils
1) Intent StatementHeating coils of service water heaters shall not be installed in a flue or in the combustion chamber of a boiler or furnace heating a building.