Division A
Compliance, Objectives and Functional Statements

Part 1 — Compliance

Section 1.1. General

1.1.1. Application of this Code Application of this Code
1) This Code applies to any one or more of the following:
a) the design and construction of a new building,
b) the occupancy of any building,
c) a change in occupancy of any building,
d) an alteration of any building,
e) an addition to any building,
f) the demolition of any building,
g) the reconstruction of any building that has been damaged by fire, earthquake or other cause,
h) the correction of an unsafe condition in or about any building,
i) all parts of any building that are affected by a change in occupancy,
j) the work necessary to ensure safety in parts of a building
i) that remain after a demolition,
ii) that are affected by but that are not directly involved in alterations, or
iii) that are affected by but not directly involved in additions,
k) except as permitted by the British Columbia Fire Code, the installation, replacement, or alteration of materials or equipment regulated by this Code,
l) the work necessary to ensure safety in a relocated building during and after relocation,
m) safety during construction of a building, including protection of the public,
n) the design, installation, extension, alteration, renewal or repair of plumbing systems, and
o) the alteration, rehabilitation and change of occupancy of heritage buildings.


2) This Code does not apply to change beginthe followingchange end:
a) sewage, water, electrical, telephone, rail or similar public infrastructure systems located in a street or a public transit right of way,
b) utility towers and poles, change beginandchange end television, radio change beginandchange end other communication aerials and towers, except for loads resulting from change begintheir beingchange end located on or attached to buildings,
c) mechanical or other equipment and appliances not specifically regulated in these regulations,
d) flood control and hydro electric dams and structures,
e) accessory buildings less than 10 m2 in building area that do not create a hazard,
f) temporary buildings change beginincluding
i) construction site offices,
ii) seasonal storage buildings,
iii) special events facilities,
iv) emergency facilities, and
v) similar structures with the permission of the authority having jurisdiction,change end
g) factory built housing and components complying with CAN/CSA-Z240 MH Series standard, but this exemption does not extend to on site preparations (foundations, mountings), connection to services and installation of appliances, and
h) areas that are specifically exempted from provincial building regulations by change beginprovincial orchange end federal change beginenactments.change end


3) This Code applies to both site-built and factory-constructed buildings. (See Appendix A.)
4) Farm buildings shall conform to the requirements in the National Farm Building Code of Canada 1995.
5) The Alternate Compliance Methods for Heritage Buildings in Table A- in Appendix A may be substituted for requirements contained elsewhere in this Code. Application to Existing Buildings
1) Where a building is altered, rehabilitated, renovated or repaired, or there is a change in occupancy, the level of life safety and building performance shall not be decreased below a level that already exists. (See Appendix A.)

1.1.2. change beginInternal References to this Code Book I (General) of the Code
1) This is the first of the two Books, Book I (General) and Book II (Plumbing Systems), that together form the British Columbia Building Code. Internal References to the Code
1) Unless a Book is specified, references to “the British Columbia Building Code,” “the Code,” “this Code” and the like shall be read as references to the Book in which they appear.

1.1.3. Appendices and Annotations Appendices and References to Appendices have No Legal Effect
1) The Appendices of this Code have no legal effect, except for the Appendices and Appendix Notes that are directly referenced in a Part of this Code, being the following:
c) Appendix C of Division B, and
d) Appendix D of Division B.
2) References in parentheses to the Appendices or Appendix Notes of this Code have no legal effect. Angle Brackets have No Legal Effect
1) This Code does not include angle brackets.
2) Any angle brackets inserted into the published version of this Code have no legal effect.change end