Division B
Acceptable Solutions

Part 9 — Housing and Small Buildings

Section 9.35. Garages and Carports

9.35.1. Scope Application
1) Intent StatementThis Section applies to garages and carports serving not more than one dwelling unit. Construction Requirements
1) Intent StatementThe construction of a garage or carport shall conform to the requirements for other buildings in this Part except as provided in this Section.

9.35.2. General Carport Considered to be Garage
1) Intent StatementWhere a roofed enclosure used for the storage or parking of motor vehicles has more than 60% of the total perimeter enclosed by walls, doors or windows, the enclosure shall be considered a garage. Garage Floor
1) Intent StatementWhere an attached or built-in garage is provided change beginand where adjacent spaces in the building are less than 50 mm above the garage floor,change end
a) the garage floor shall be sloped to the outdoors, or
b) change beginwhere the garage can accommodate not more than 3 vehicles, an airtight curb or partition not less than 50 mm high shall be installed at the edges of the garage floor adjacent to interior space.change end
(See Appendix A.)

9.35.3. Foundations Foundation Required
1) Intent StatementExcept as permitted in this Subsection, foundations conforming to Sections 9.12. and 9.15. shall be provided for the support of carport and garage super-structures, including that portion beneath garage doors. Protection from Damage due to Soil Movement
1) Intent StatementIn clay-type soils subject to significant movement with a change in soil moisture content, the foundation depth of carports or garages connected to a dwelling unit directly or by a breezeway shall be approximately the same depth as the main building foundation.
2) Intent StatementWhere slab-on-ground construction is used, a construction joint shall be provided between the main building slab and a slab serving an attached garage, breezeway or carport.
3) Intent StatementExcept as provided in Section 9.12., foundations for attached unheated garages or carports shall be below frost level. Small Garages
1) Intent StatementDetached garages of less than 55 m2 floor area and not more than 1 storey in height are permitted to be supported on wood mud sills provided the garage is not of masonry or masonry veneer construction. Column Piers
1) Intent StatementPiers for the support of carport columns shall extend not less than 150 mm above ground level.
2) Intent StatementPiers referred to in Sentence (1) shall project not less than 25 mm beyond the base of the column but in no case be less than 190 mm by 190 mm in size.

9.35.4. Walls and Columns Interior Finish
1) Intent StatementInterior finish need not be applied to garage and carport walls. Columns
1) Intent StatementColumns for garages and carports shall conform to Section 9.17., except that 89 mm by 89 mm wood columns may be used. Anchorage
1) Intent StatementGarage or carport walls and columns shall be anchored to the foundation to resist wind uplift in conformance with Subsection 9.23.6., except that where a garage is supported on the surface of the ground, ground anchors shall be provided to resist wind uplift.